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"Best of Show - 2008 PGA Show Wrap-up"
-Golf Industry Online.com Feb. 2008

"5 Companies to Watch" read more
-SirShanksAlot.com July 2007
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March 13, 2007 on list.

"What Morrow did was create some of the most comfortable shoes
on the market, which appeal to everyone from big-swinging
newcomers to the pull-cartin' older set."

- Fariways + Greens Magazine
Feb/March 2006

"Alias Footwear's Slope Nose golf shoes are an excellent addition
to any golfer's arsenal."
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- GolfRave.com 2006

The PGTAA Endorses Alias Footwear
"The Most Comfortable Shoe Ever Made"
scroll down on homepage -Professional Golf Teachers Association of America

"We love the shoes that we got from Alias. They are
comfortable and look great too."
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Customer Testimonials

"Dale- I've had my Alias Coupe golf shoes for six months now.
I wanted to send you a big "thumbs up" after about 30 seconds, they were that comfortable at the very beginning. However, that might not have been enough time to truly appraise them. But, now I've played in the desert sand in Phoenix, the tall green weeds in Santa Cruz, the flooded river plains of Green River, and just about every other condition you can name. I have a golf-crazy friend who likes to play in the rain: I've done that 3 times this last fall and winter. The only thing I NEVER worried or complained about was my feet.
I just forgot they were there.
Thank you. Thank you for making available such incredible shoes that breathe in the blistering heat, stay dry in a deluge, and quickly clean up to look like new again. And the colors-- thanks for the colors!"

A True Believer--A Convert,

Bill Cummins
West Covina, CA

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